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Coming and going from Monterey Plein air Convention, I stayed with my 83 year old mom, Donna.  I missed her a lot as a child but did have a very special year with her when I was a Senior at Antioch High School.  She was a fairy queen in my head for many years and I adore her.  At this point, life is slow and sometimes tough but she has a very special light that shines from her heart and our moments together really count.


She grows the most beutiful fragrent roses you could imagine and I set up on her back deck to paint and enjoy her company.  It's great to have a mom who says, "Oh honey, that's beautiful".   






"Mom's Favorite" - Oil - 8x10" - Mothers day gift 2014

bg_40891399998390.jpg"Sally's Roses" - Oil - 8x10" - to my Sister Sally who cares for mom.  Her devotion has made it possible for our mom to have her wish and continue to live at her home.



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