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Painting at Point Lobos State Park is one of the highlights of all my plein air travels.  On Thursday any artist that could squeeze into the park (it was full and the line was long), could revel in the soft and silky atmosphere there.


A park ranger pointed out one of the last spots to park and the Very last spot was also shortly filled.  To my great surprise and delight, Jim McVicker and his wife emerged.  Jim is a plein air hero of mine and I've watched his youtube video, "A Way of Seeing" numerous times.  This chance meeting was a gift and he generously agreed to let me paint nearby and watch as he worked.


I couldn't resist the urge to use him as a subject and what a moving target he was!  I learned a lot that day.  As we returned to our cars after a great painting session i inquired about his paintings and he showed me a few and even suggested a trade.  He said over the years he has been painted many times and has a little collection of those paintings.  Wow, that was more than exciting!


I selected a painting with color and brushstrokes that I could study from one great plein air painter.  Thank you Jim!








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