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Plein Air Painters of Utah is a professional group who get together once a month.  President Steve McGinty has picked places all over the Wasatch front (and back).

April's paint out was Morgan, Utah, about an hour's drive for me.  


The day was cool and a bit rainy, and the local fields were wet and richly colored. The smell of the grasses and earth made the day even better. I dragged out gear for rain and I won the dorky-dress prize for the day, but I didn't get wet!  I found out those $1.49 straw hats are totally waterproof!


Snow patches can be a very useful and interesting part of the landscape design, and I picked a spot where they created a swirling pattern into the scene.  


The muted colors, soft velvety grays, browns and ocher tones next to the equally muted whites which, on a gray day, can be extremely beautiful.


Let it rain!

Friend and fellow PAPU painter Rachel Pettit catches the opposite side of the road.
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