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Saturday I drove down to the BYU Art museum, Provo, Utah to catch what I thought was the last day of a tremendous exhibit, Sacred Gifts: The Religious Art of Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofmann, & Frans Schwartz. It turns out the exhibit has been EXTENDED through Monday, May 26.  And it's Free, but they want you to get online tickets.  As always the reproductions are barely a nod to the scale, beauty, inspiration of the originals.  If you live in Utah and if you haven't seen this, whether you are religious or not... just Go... you'll be glad you did!

Next to the Sacred Gifts exhibit, the museums is showing a strong selection from their permanent collection including a great portrait painting by Sargent and others.

And two more painting exhibits on the lower level are well worth a visit for their own sake: "Simpler, Brigher, Stronger", (the collection of Sam and Diane Stewart), plus my favorite, the Minerva Tiechart exhibit.

I thought I'd be there an hour, and it turned into almost 3! 




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