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In 2009 I traveled to paint and see museums in 7 western European countries for 7 weeks.  It was such an incredibly exciting time for me that I returned in 2011 for an 8 week gypsy-like adventure while camping in my new Peugot Partner Teepee. On that second trip I discovered the caravanning parks in every country, and the amazing open-air museums with charming historic farmhouses and the costumed hosts who worked at the traditional daily tasks and skills of their ancestors. Besides that, I viewed thousands of paintings in scores of great museums on those two unforgettable trips.  Those images and the fond memories of food, culture, travels, shopping, people and landscapes, with their animals and unique features, have remained deeply imprinted on my mind, not to mention the painting sessions.


Enjoy these snapshots of the trip, and when you check out the painting gallery click the "i" button in the upper left corner for details on each of the indvfidual paintings.


pg_106871393449989.jpgSet to GO! Netherlands

pg_106891393450133.jpgMonet's beutiful lily pond, Giverny, Fance

pg_106901393450333.jpgNetherlands - open air museum

pg_106911393450396.jpgNo doubt Vincent painted this bridge (wink), Netherlands

pg_106921393450491.jpgMy first Swiss Shiner, Chavornay, Switzerland

pg_106931393450567.jpgBallenburg, Switzerland

pg_106941393450601.jpgLausanne, Switzerland - so many beautiful places to go!

pg_106951393450663.jpgNorth side of Lake Geneva, Switzerland

pg_106961393450775.jpgMore Shiners, Chavornay, Switzerland

pg_106971393450811.jpgFantastic cook and dear friend Denise, Chavornay, Switzerland

pg_106981393450860.jpgJacque the collector of antique cars, Chavornay, Switzerland,

pg_106991393450944.jpgMr. Vigley (a well known artist), of Chavornay Switzerland

pg_107001393451026.jpgCamping spot in Switzerland - rain, of course!

pg_107011393451115.jpgSwitzerland Shiner (one of hundreds of guests I've invited to paint with me on location)

pg_107021393451209.jpgDiscussing Van Gogh

pg_107031393451288.jpg... "just paint"


pg_107061393451386.jpgNetherland Beach

pg_107071393451431.jpgNetherland Museum


Netherland's coast - I had never seen (before or since), a bronze statue dedicated to Plein air painters before... exciting!



Robin Hood's Bay - North East Coast of England



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