| Susette Billedeaux Gertsch M.F.A.|

My Painting Perspective

Painting "en plein air" is my escape to the great outdoor studio of this beautiful, varied, and amazing planet earth. After spending hundreds of hours out there I have come to deeply appreciate a vital force in nature that energizes me every session, whether it is the panorama of Heber vally, or a corner of Monet's flower garden in Giverny, France.




Eyes, heart, and mind have merged diverse skills and experiences through years of painting, drawing, teaching, workshops, degrees, museum trips, sketching, sculpting and photography.  They all work together to build essential flow and meaning into each new painting.




If I paint figures and still life arrangements I am still painting from direct observation, that is, from "life", and akin to landscape Plein air painting.  But if use photo references captured from fleeting life encounters on the move, I try to hold onto and convey the spirit of hundreds of Plein air experiences. I am encouraged by the fact that many of our famous European impressionists finished some of their great paintings in the studio. I can understand that need occassionally to contemplate and adjust for a better result.


Above - crazy big canvas and wonderful view above Whitby on the north-west coastline of England.

I hope you will browse through the painting galleries.  Feel free to send your thoughts or questions to me through the "contact" link.  Your feedback is one of the great rewards of doing this work. 










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