| Susette Billedeaux Gertsch M.F.A.|

The Secret Garden Series

Garden Terrace - 36" x 48" - Oil 



Secret Garden III - 34x34"  Oil


I have been gravitating towards a major thematic shift in my work with a very personal and ongoing fascination for the complexity of flowers and figure in nature. I am drawn to the busy, thriving, half-tended, and tangled corners of gardens at the height of summer to fall.  


The abundance of color and the vibrant, living energy of every blossom, stem and leaf is surging upward to give it's all to fulfill the measure of it's creation. The source of this magnificent life combines earth, air, sun, water through the unseen but tangible influence of a supreme being to create and bless the tiny seeds in miraculous manifestation, gifting us with brilliant and diverse sensations.

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